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Here at Aesthetic Web Designs, we pride ourselves on providing functional, interactive, modern and stylish websites for our clients. We’re based in both in Livingston and Stirling, and service business owners both locally and throughout the rest of Scotland. In addition, we are a trusted Livingston SEO consultant.

Our process begins with analysing your local competitors, then we perform a deep dive into the top performing websites in your industry. We discover how their websites perform so well, adapt your design to make use of what we find, and improve on them where possible. Ensuring your website is a success for your business is extremely important to us.

Once we have the website fully designed and running, we optimise your on-page content for search engines at no extra cost. This requires considerable research of competitors along with the keywords in your industry, and it’s something that very few other website designers offer outside their SEO packages.

Website Development Livingston

Background & Goals

We will begin by asking about your company and your short and long term goals.

Competitor Research

Next we will carry out deep competitor research to discover the best style for your website.


Once we have a plan of action, we will design your initial homepage for revision.

Everything Your Livingston Website Needs

We carry out our web design using WordPress, which currently powers over 1/3 of all websites on the web. The WordPress content management system requires very little coding, which ensures that you can have a professional and modern website while keeping the cost down, both for the initial design and for maintenance. It also means that, if you wish, you can learn how to maintain and update pages by yourself.

Our websites can be fully integrated with any service your business has to offer. We can create online bookings and payments that sync with Google Calendars, integrate your social media accounts so activity can be cross-posted, link your subscriber forms to a mailing list account like MailChimp or even sync your Instagram and website so Instagram posts immediately appear on your website – and so much more. It can also be easily integrated with social media for fully rounded digital marketing.

There are near-unlimited ways that you can have your website designed with WordPress to ensure that it aligns with modern standards and provides a quality experience for your users.

Results-oriented Web Design

Websites in the digital age are a necessity for all business owners, and having a website that is designed to engage the user to ensure that they stay on your website for the maximum amount of time is vital.

Our web design Livingston projects are structured in a way that has your website tell the story of your business, like flicking through the pages of a magazine. When they read a page, there will be plenty of calls to action buttons styled in such as way as to entice the visitor to click. Studies have shown that being compelled to push that big and shiny red button actually has a basis in science, and we use prediction software with our websites to see where the eyes of visitors will be drawn.

There will be a logical flow from one section to the next, one page to the next, with easily accessible contact forms so that as soon as a user sees something that grabs them about your business or services, no hassle, no fuss, they can contact you immediately.

We not only design beautiful websites, we create websites that convert visitors into customers.

Professional web design Livingston

Heatmap prediction of user eye movement.


I knew straight away that Adam was actually listening to what I wanted to achieve and was prepared to work out how to get me there. It was that ability to work with me and truly collaborate that hooked me in at the start. I’ve learned so much because Adam made himself available to explain what he could do and what I could do for myself right from the start. Working virtually has been great too. We’ve certainly racked up the emails, we’ve zoomed, skyped and made lots of calls but it’s paid off. USP you ask? His ability to listen, suggest and produce results. Thanks Adam.

Liz McConnell

Owner, Thinking Room, Stirling

Responsive Design For Livingston Businesses

As recently as 2013, internet traffic from mobiles was 16%. As of 2019, that number has jumped significantly to over 52%. The trend is clear to see and understanding why it’s happening in today’s digital world is simple. Smartphones and tablets have become so powerful and relatively inexpensive in a lot of cases, that they are now ubiquitous. Everywhere you look there’s someone on their phone. This is why mobile optimisation has never been more important.

Our websites are fully optimised before your site goes live in order to engage the users of both platforms. While many people may browse your website using a mobile device initially, you will find that when it comes to making purchases or properly investigating potential services, they will look to view your website on a desktop computer. It is equally important to cater to all users.

We will begin by ensuring that everything on your website, all functionality and images, etc., look perfect on a desktop PC. Once we have ensured that it looks as desired, we will begin to go through everything with a fine-toothed comb to optimise it properly for mobile users.

Website responsiveness in West Lothian

Website Build

Once we’ve researched the leaders of your industry it’s time to put a plan into action.


Keyword Research

We will now look for opportunities with keywords within your domain’s reach.


Website Launch

Once you’re completely happy with the results, your website goes live.

Easy To Manage West Lothian Websites

Using WordPress simplifies the process of managing a website greatly. We use a drag and drop builder that allows the user to see the changes being made, live. We encourage all of our clients to empower themselves and learn how to add photos and text, and how to create backups and perform updates. If requested, we will show you how to do this, but we will always be available for those who prefer to make use of an affordable maintenance package.

How long will our web design project take?

This is one of the most common questions we are asked and the simple truth is that there is no universal answer. We work fast when we begin a project with a client, but often it can take time for them to get their content organised. We understand that this can sometimes happen, and being a business we sympathise with regards to how busy our lives can become.

The simple answer is that how long it takes to complete our Livingston web design project is almost entirely down to the client. Generally speaking, if we have all the material we need, we can have an 8-page website ready to go live sometime between 1-2 weeks after we begin. Quicker in some cases (depending on whether or not we decide to sleep), longer if there is special functionality needed.

How much will it cost?

We will accommodate any web design requirements our clients have and adjust our prices accordingly, but generally speaking the cost for a standard brochure website of 8 pages is around £700, depending on functionality, with each additional page costing £75.

Further services such as logo design come at an additional cost which would depend on the specific requirements of each individual client.

How do we get started?

We will begin by asking you questions about what you hope to get out of your website and who your visitors will be. After this, we will ask you to provide us with the url of a few of your competitors, along with a few websites that you like the design of. Along with these details, we will discover which types of colour schemes you prefer and work to find the correct match for your logo.

Once we have investigated your competitors and websites that you like, we will then work on creating your full home page. At this stage it is vital to get your feedback before moving on. If you are happy with the style, colours and functionality of your home page, we can then quickly move forward with the rest of your our web design project.

Are you able to build a website for my niche?

The beauty of web design is that we can create any project, to any requirements that you may have. We love nothing more than working with a client to create something beautiful that caters not only to their tastes and needs, but also that of your target demographic. Our process requires that we investigate your competitors and your consumers, along with the websites that you like, which helps to ensure that we find the perfect style for each and every one of our clients.

Can I access and update my website?

We create websites with WordPress, which is a content management system that has been refined over the past decade specifically to be user friendly. This means that you will have full access to the back-end of your website, where you can edit, add or remove content as you wish.

This being said, you are always welcome to keep working with Aesthetic Web Designs with a maintenance package, where we will handle all the technical stuff for your website. It will depend on how much time you have to spend learning how everything works. Whatever you decide, we’ll be here to help if you run into any problems.

Where will my website be hosted?

You can decide to have your website hosted with the hosting company of your choice. We provide excellent hosting services, but we don’t lock our clients into any sort of commitment when creating new or redesigning existing site. It does however make things a lot easier for building the website and maintaining it if you’re hosted with us. This is because we will have easy access to the server where its files are located, should anything go wrong. Whatever you decide, we will help you get it all worked out.

Do I need to write all the content myself?

It is always better when the owner of a business writes the content for their own website. After all, no one knows your business better than you. This being said, we can provide content writing if it is needed, though we would still need some vital details about you, your business and your services in order to do so. Another reason to write your own content is that it would save further costs being added to your web design project.

Do you need to do web design for SEO?

Usually, yes. You can opt for simple on-page SEO, where we would rewrite existing content to properly target keywords, but in order to maximise your chances to rank, you would need content. More pages on services, more pages for areas that your operate outwith your main town or city, along with blog pages. Content is king when it comes to SEO, and Google needs you to be constantly updating your website with new content in order for you to be considered an authority.

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