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When a search engine like Google indexes a site, its ‘spiders’ crawl your website and look at text content along with media such as video and images. Then it decides what your website is about and begins to rank it accordingly for specific keywords. It looks to see if your website is an authority in the subject for which is was designed. This is where the power of SEO marketing can give you an advantage.

Our web design Glasgow services include search engine optimisation that works to ensure that search engines know what your website is about and then ranks it accordingly. This means that your website receives not only increased traffic, but quality traffic.

In order for this to happen, your website must have relevant and quality content specifically related to your industry in order for Google to rank it as an authority on the subject. Doing so will increase your website’s visibility in organic search results, which is the most important way that users can find your site.

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Originally formed in Stirling, we late last year also opened a location in Livingston. We now provide our services to clients all over Scotland, including web design in Edinburgh and SEO in Edinburgh, and have a proven track record of increasing rankings significantly. Contact us and we will share live client results and explain transparently how we attained them.

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Appearing in organic search results means a user is searching specifically for the services or products that you provide based on keywords throughout your content, thereby increasing the chances that they will hire or buy from you. This is what is meant by quality traffic. Traffic that is looking specifically for what you offer.

Our SEO services in Glasgow are listed below.

Business Development


Aesthetic Web Designs aim to be more than just the company who build your website. Our goal is to provide unique solutions for your business that will help propel you forward in the online world.

Partnership System

Close working relationship to discover more about your business

Innovative Solutions

Discovering industry opportunities that will benefit your business

Feedback Oriented

We constantly evolve our process based on client feedback

Free Up Time

The purpose of every website should be to make your life easier

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Keyword research carried out by SEO consultant in Glasgow

On-Page SEO


On-page SEO is everything that can be found on your website – website structure, content and speed.

SEO Architecture

It is incredibly important to structure your website optimally to allow search engines like Google and Bing to crawl the pages and links, ensuring that they know what each page is about and can begin to rank them accordingly.

Optimised Content

Content is king is how the expression goes. In the past, all web designers had to do was keyword stuff the terms they were trying to rank for as many times into the content as possible. Nowadays Google is far more intelligent.

While including your keywords is important, finding a balance between the keyword you’re trying to rank for, synonyms of that keyword and semantically related terms is equally important. Not only does this serve search engines what they want, but it ensures that users have a far better experience than the old days of keyword stuffing.

Speed and SEO

Speed is a growing factor in search engine rankings. This year, 2021, Google will be releasing an update specifically targeting the speed of websites, with lower performing sites being penalised for their low speed and high performing website receiving a ranking boost. We make sure that all of our websites loads blazingly fast for our clients.

Off-Page SEO Marketing


Another aspect of search engine optimisation is off-page SEO. This is everything that happens on someone’s else’s website. This basically means backlinks (other sites linking to you) and to a lesser extent your social media presence. The higher number of relevant sites that link to your website, the more Google’s algorithm views you as an authority in your industry

Think of the internet as a giant popularity contest. You have to work on your appearance and reputation before Google assigns your website a high enough reputation and ranks you accordingly.

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No Google Penalties - Ever!

Our SEO process consists of utilising software and the most recent developments in the world of search engine optimisation to analyse your competitors and the leaders in your industry. We then figure out exactly how they have ranked highly and reverse engineer their success before utilising methods to improve on their model. If it works for one company, it will work for another. This takes a lot of time and hard work but the end product is well worth it for any business looking to increase their online presence. The benefits of having organic search traffic visiting your website cannot be understated.

We also operate our digital marketing services on a month-by-month basis with no contract. You will receive regular reports of everything we have done and analysis of how your website is progressing. If you aren’t happy with the results, you are free to move on with no cancellation fee.

Contact us below for a free audit as part of our SEO services in Glasgow. If you are anywhere in Scotland or elsewhere in the UK, we will explain to you how we can help to increase your website revenue.

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We work tirelessly to provide an unbeatable experience. Our client testimonials reflect this hard work and dedication to making your business grow.
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Atoz Watch and Jewellery Repair
Quality Worktops

Adam was very knowledgeable and managed to explain things in simple terms. We are really happy with our new website.

Quality Worktops
Quality Worktops
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FAMS Charity
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Andrew Miller
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Elements of technical SEO audit carried out by agency in Glasgow

Technical SEO


An increasingly important factor in how search engines rank websites is technical SEO. This includes things like mobile optimisation, accessibility, page loading speed and site architecture.

As part of our company’s search engine optimisation services, we perform an SEO audit based on known factors of Google’s algorithm. We then work to make sure that every part of your site is technically equipped to rank properly within search engines.

Once this has been done, the optimisations we make will last the entirety of your website’s life. It provides the foundation for your website’s ranking performance, ensuring that there is nothing, from a technical point of view, holding it back.

Results-Oriented SEO Company In Glasgow


Once proper search engine optimisation has been performed, your site optimisation marinates for the following months and years. Unlike methods of advertising such as Google AdWords or PPC, properly performed changes continue to produce results for an extended period of time. It is very much a long game, designed to keep on producing well after the work has been performed by a skilled SEO company.

We are a dedicated SEO Consultant who wants nothing more than to generate revenue for our clients.

FAQ Regarding Our SEO Process



The answer to how long SEO can take depends on many factors. How difficult is the keyword in your niche? How many strong competitors are there with high quality search engine optimisation? If you have a business that offers many different services and operates in different local areas, then you have the benefit of creating a lot of content that will ultimately improve your authority. For instance, if we were carrying out search engine optimisation in Glasgow for a joiners and the keywords were low ranking with weak competitors who had no content, then with the right investment you would see impressive results in months. Other industries would be more competitive for any SEO consultant and would take longer to rank, but it really is unique to each business and each industry.


SEO marketing is vital to any business who wants to utilise the power of organic search. The benefits of appearing in search results for a keyword that you are targeting are incredible. People who are searching specifically for your services will find your site. This is far more powerful than the broad casting of a net that is social media advertising and if maintained properly will take your business to the next level.


Domain authority is a number given to each domain by various search engine optimisation tools. It is based mainly on the amount of sites that link to the domain, and their own authority and relevance to the target domain. It can often affect the ability to rank but in many cases creating unique content, properly optimised for search engine optimisation and the user, can overcome a high-ranking domain, without the need for backlinks.


Content is King! As the SEO expression goes. Ultimately, Google cares about the user. They want websites to provide a quality experience for those who find the website in their search. That’s who whole point of their service: to provide the most relevant results for your queries. So as long as you have a well-designed website with SEO friendly content that ensures users spend some quality time exploring your site, Google will judge you accordingly.

This depends entirely on each individual client. Our SEO packages in Scotland can be catered to meet the needs and budget of any of our clients. And all packages follow the same model. The only difference is how much time can be allotted to carrying out the search engine optimisation services, based on the price.
Keyword research is the process of investigating which keywords are most searched in your target area, and deciding which to target based on difficulty and volume. Part of what this search engine optimisation company does is research your main competitors (those who already rank first) and see what they already rank for, while targeting gaps in their process. This is done through the use of various SEO tools and a lot of hard work.

Reverse engineer success!

Backlinks can be built both naturally as your reputation grows and through search engine marketing strategies. There are many different techniques to do so, including writing guest blog posts for relevant websites and building up directory listings.
We do offer long term contracts to our clients and believe this is the most efficient way to provide a valuable service.

A lot of the work we carry out, such as backlink building, is done in the beginning and you reap the rewards for months. So, to fit with our packages where we have a set number of backlinks or manual outreach to acquire backlinks, it is better for all parties to have a fixed contract. Otherwise we wouldn’t be able to utilise the effective outreach methods to increase a website’s authority.